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What America Can Learn from The UK When It Comes to Vaping?

The long-awaited quest to figure out the safety of e-cigarettes and other vaping products proved to be challenging. The various flavors of the e-juice are produced using different ingredients which connotes that associated risks vary from one type o the other. However, there is a lot that America can learn from the UK regarding vaping.

But the sad thing is that: there isn’t yet a clear picture related to the effects of vaping to humans. However, it seems that vaping is the sustenance a lot of smoking Americans have been seeking.

e-cigsThe UK proved e-cigs safety

The United Kingdom recently concluded that the pros of vaping outdo the risks. At this time, the America had not tabled their perception on the same issue. So, the UK experts revealed that vaping should be allowed since it is 95 per cent safer than the smoking of regular cigarettes.

They revealed that if a large substitution is made for tobacco especially with e-cigarettes, they could potentially prevent the harm cigarettes have in the UK society. It would have numerous huge benefits.


The government of UK made a bold move to slash any taxes on e-cigarettes. Yes, they cut taxes on vaping products. This translates to the products not retailing at high prices which in turn make them affordable to anyone willing to buy even from online sources such as in the United Kingdom. If this could be the case in America, more people who are seeking a lifeline from smoking could hugely leverage. Also, its production would be higher thus more citizens could find it easy to get.

The sad news is that some states in America imposed very high taxes on e-cigs and other vaping products that led to closure of many shops. It seems they are yet to consider a liberal approach on vaping so that more Americans can leverage the importance of e-cigarettes.

Few Restrictions

Apart from tax cuts on e-cigarettes and other vaping products, the UK government still placed fewer barriers to its production and usage. Regulations on advertising were relaxed and bans on vaping in public places were lifted. The results of such fewer restrictions have been noticed since many citizens are having their lives saved from smoking by use of the e-cigarettes.

In some areas such as San Francisco, it becomes hard for a citizen to benefit from these handy products since they were banned. While other areas found it best to prohibit the selling of vape products to the citizens. This means that there is no way the people living in those areas can gain from the use of e-cigarettes.

Effectiveness Stats

The UK confirmed that vaping has helped thousands of hundreds of its citizens quit smoking. They even went ahead to give a recommendation that suggested that e-cigarettes be made available in medical centers were they can easily be accessed by their citizens.

The health hazard that could potentially arise from the use of e-cigarettes was revealed to be not more than 5 %.


Finally, America has a lot to learn from the United Kingdom on matters of vaping. Taxes, restrictions, and the legitimacy of vaping products are critical issues that America need to borrow from the UK.

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