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Hair Drug Testing

Is It True That It’s Impossible To Pass The Hair Drug Testing

If you open the internet and start reading reviews of products and testimonials about passing the follicle test, you’ll find so many different viewpoints and opinions. There’s a myth on the internet that you can pass the test by using some of the products described for this cause just one night before the test.

This is completely false. There’s no product that can make your hair drug substance free in just 24 hours. On the other hand, it is not a myth that you can’t clean it from drug toxins. You surely can, you’ll just need a little more time for this.

Some might ask how these two claims can go together? Well, it is because of the science behind it. As we said, you can clean yourself, you just need a little more time. The hair grows 0.5 inches per month. That’s around 0.25 inches every two weeks and this is enough time for the root of the follicle to reach daylight or get through your scalp. See a little more about it here.

Why is this important? Because when we use any drug, it leaves its by-products all over our body. It runs through the blood and gets in every single corner of our system affecting everything. The scalp is just one part of it. These narcotic substances also buildup inside the rising hair. As it grows, they come out in the form we all see on people’s heads.

Now, the follicle test is also based on science. The lab practitioners will take a sample from your head or any other place where you have hair on your body if you’re bald. You’ll notice that they won’t cut with the scissors some part on the end of it, but they’ll try to get as close as possible to the shaft. This is because they know where the interesting stuff is.

Hair Cut

If we know that hair grows with a speed of 0.5 inches per month, that means that 1.5 inches are around 3 months. This is the period our follicles are able to keep the substance alive and visible to the doctors. Three months is a long time for one line at the bachelor’s party with your best friends, right? Well, bad luck, because the technician will see it and will inform your employer and you’ll get sacked.


If you think that changing your appearance and looking is a good idea, let’s just stop right away. Other people tried it, and there’s no way to pull that trick. Your bosses are not lost in space and they’ll know what you’re doing. They fire you without even doing the test. Keep this idea out of your head and find another way.

That other way is called a detox shampoo. Yes, there are lots of detox shampoos on the market, but we’re talking about the real deal, here. Never buy some cheap stuff that is proven to be a failure. There’s only one solution and it’s called Aloe Rid detox shampoo. Read more on this excellent information resource.

This is actually a strong detoxification formula that is able to clean everything you have in your hair and is not healthy. It will regenerate it, make it more appealing, strong, and healthier. At the same time, it’s a great fighter in the battle of Follicle Test Fortress. I may be a bad joke with the fortress, but the thing really works if you follow the instructions.

Hair Wash

The instructions say that you have to be persistent and thorough for a period of over 10 days. Just to be sure, make this number at least two weeks. What you need to do is wash your hair with this shampoo 4 times a day. That’s a lot of time, yes, but the end result is you get to keep your job or whatever you’re fighting with.

Why so often? Science again. The drug substances are deep inside the follicle. One wash can’t take them out. A person must do this repeatedly until it’s done completely. The hair is made of keratin and you can find DNA inside among other things. Toxic exposure is also visible there and other substances we consume that are considered toxic by the body.

Aloe Rid shampoo has a very important ingredient inside called propylene glycol. What this compound is doing is stripping the layers of the cuticle and provides a clear path for the shampoo to wash the toxic substances. Learn about propylene glycol here There is the science behind is it possible to pass the follicle test. It clearly is. The only problem is you’ll have to give your head a good bath. If you can follow the instructions, be sure that you’ll have no problem at the workplace.

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