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Useful manipulations and massage techniques by an Austin Certified Chiropractor

Traditional chiropractic techniques were based solely on manipulating the spine. These methods have undergone several changes since the birth of chiropractic in 1897. An Austin-certified chiropractor is currently undergoing training on a variety of methods. Some of these methods require small portable devices to apply pressure. Some of these methods require specially designed chairs and tables. Some methods even require ultrasound or electrodes to generate and apply heat to the affected areas. Modified methods have allowed chiropractors to treat children, adults and elderly patients with equal efficacy.

Chiropractic Manipulation

Chiropractic / spinal manipulation is also known as spinal correction and manual manipulation.

  • Chiropractors use this to correct spinal displacement. This technique also corrects the movement of the vertebrae and allows them to function correctly in the spine.
  • Chiropractors often use this technique to treat lower back pain. In this technique, manual therapists manually feel each segment of the spine. They can reduce column subluxation and bring normality to the column structure using this technique.

Massage therapy

Soft tissue treatment requires soft manipulation. Certified manual therapists use massage to improve circulation in the soft tissues. These massages are applied manually according to the specified schemes.

  • The goal of massage therapy is to accelerate healing by increasing blood flow. Soft tissue massage relaxes the muscles and improves the range of motion of the patient.
  • Patients also experience an increase in endorphin levels as a result of massage therapy. Endorphin is known as a hormone that uplifts your mood. Therefore, patients feel rejuvenated and relaxed after applying massage therapy.
  • Chiropractors also use this therapy to relieve neuromuscular symptoms and lower back pain.

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasonic frequencies of sound waves can generate heat. Chiropractors use this heat to treat soft tissues and bone joints.

  • Chiropractors use the intense heat of ultrasound to gently massage soft tissues and joints.
  • The heat of ultrasonic waves increases blood flow and speeds up the healing process. Ultrasonic waves are used to reduce back pain, stiffness and cramps.

Diathermy stimulation

Some chiropractors use high-frequency electric waves to generate heat in soft tissues. Chiropractors use this heat to improve tissue mobility, increase blood flow, and relieve pain.

  • Chiropractors use high-frequency electromagnetic energy in shortwave diathermy. An electromagnetic heat wave is used to treat tenosynovitis, bursitis, sprains and strains.
  • Some chiropractors use microwaves to provide warmth even to deep tissues. Microwaves cannot penetrate deep muscles. Suitable for the treatment of pain in the shoulder or knee.

Electrical stimulation

An Austin Chiropractor can use electrodes to transmit soft electrical impulses to various areas of the body.

  • The electrodes used in TENS therapy are attached to small sticky pads. TENS means percutaneous electrical nerve stimulants. These pads are connected to the battery-powered device via cables.
  • Chiropractors attach these sticky pads to the skin and send electrical impulses through the muscles. These pads allow chiropractors to apply heat directly to the affected area.
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