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Why Switch To Cruelty-Free Skincare Products? Find Out Here

At the end of the day, skincare is one of the most important routines that you should never forget. Your skin can only take so much of the pollution and impurities that it encounters every day. This is why taking care of it is very important. In this day and age, people are starting to realize that using the best cruelty free skincare Australia is the best way to go.

In 2019, animal testing is still a problem. In fact, Cruelty-Free International states that 115 million animals are used for animal testing each year. Even though many brands are going cruelty-free, there are still others that have decided to continue with animal testing. There are better alternatives than animal testing, but what you can do as a consumer is to patronize cruelty-free products.

best cruelty free skincare AustraliaHere are the reasons why:

Animal Testing Means Cruelty

The animals that are used in these experiments are confined to small cages and have to endure inhumane conditions. Worse, they are also subjected to these cruel tests. These animals are tortured, blinded, maimed, and in the end, killed. Animals that are used for testing are bred for this purpose alone. They have to live a fearful life.

There Sure Are Other Testing Alternatives

Some companies will insist that animal testing has a purpose. They say that these tests are done to make sure that the ingredients of their products are going to be safe when humans start to use them. The truth is, there are other testing alternatives for the safety of an ingredient. One of the examples is using vitro testing. This also has more advantages compared to animal testing. Other than that, there are also cultured cell tissues and computer models that companies can use.

Companies Could’ve Used Thousands Of Safe Cosmetic Ingredients

When formulating a product, companies could have chosen to use safer cosmetic ingredients. In fact, there are thousands of these alternative ingredients that have been proven to be safe. If they have gone for this option, animal testing could have been avoided.

Even Cats And Dogs Are Used For Laboratory Testing

Have you ever wondered what kind of animals are used for animal testing? Aside from rats and rabbits, even cats and dogs are also used for animal testing. According to statistics, over 67,000 dogs and 24,000 cats were used for animal testing since 2013. Beagles are the most used dog breeds because of their submissive nature. Just like other laboratory animals, these dogs and cats were deprived of their basic rights.

Thousands Of Other Brands Are Now Cruelty-Free

If there are companies that can go cruelty-free, why can’t others do it too? There are now thousands of brands that go cruelty-free. Nowadays, there are plenty of cruelty-free products to choose from. In fact, a lot of mainstream big-name brands have gone cruelty-free. So if you are ready to make the switch, you will not be limited to the number of products that you can only use.

Buying skincare items is fun. But before you head out and shop for skincare products, make sure that they are cruelty-free. Join the cruelty-free movement by patronizing products that were not tested on animals. This simple step you take can go a long way.

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