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Safe exercise for slipped disc

A slipped disc happens when a jelly-like substance that is present in between the disc is slipped out, due to some external pressure. The most common treatment advised by doctors is physiotherapy for slipped discs. The slipped disc can affect your neck and lower back. The slipped disc Singapore pain depends upon the level of the spine for effect. There is no compulsory that the person suffering from a slipped disc will have any symptoms. Some people may have mild or severe symptoms like weakness, tingling sensation in their legs and foot, pain at different parts of the body like the lower back, leg, buttocks, and foot. The spine problem in the neck, hand, or arm is called the cervical spine. There are different types of exercises depending on the level of slipped disc. Lets us see some of those exercises that can help you to reduce the pain, faster recovery, and reduce the occurrences of slipped discs.

  • Standing lumbar extension: This exercise helps to decrease the pressure on the disc of the lower back. In this first, you need to stand straight and then put your hand on the heap. Slowly try to push your hips forward and hold in the position for some time. Repeat the same exercise for few times.
  • Standing overhead reach: this exercise helps in reallocate the discs. In this exercise, also you need to stand and then raise both hands above your head. Doing this will help you to stretch your middle and lower back. Be in the same position for some seconds, then relax and move both hands to the sides. Repeat it.

  • Standing row with an elastic band: This exercise helps to reduce your pain. Take two elastic bands and tie one of their ends to the stable things like the doorknob. Now stand tall with some distance between your feet. Bend your knees a little bit, and then hold the other end of the elastic band each in one hand. Gently pull the band towards you. Do it for some time and take a rest then repeat.
  • Prone on elbows: Even this exercise helps in relocating the disc. On the floor sleep on your abdomen. Put your hands on the floor and try to do pushups by raising your back and shoulders. Make sure that your forehands are on the floor while pushing the back and the shoulders. Do the same for some and relax.
  • Cobra pose: This is an improved advanced version of the prone on elbow exercise. One caution for everyone, if you are facing difficulty in doing the prone on elbow exercise, then do not attempt the cobra pose. In this also you lie down on your stomach and then slowly with help of your arms hold u your head, chest and the shoulders. 


Hope this information will help you to get a faster recovery from the slipped disc.

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