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What to Do with a Broken Tooth?

Ignoring your oral hygiene has some consequences and can lead to many dental problems and even subsequent overall issues. The overall issues caused by oral problems can sometimes be severe, such as heart problems. Despite all these, the majority of people forget their oral hygiene. According to statistics published by an emergency dental clinic in Toronto, a quarter of people living in Canada do not care about their oral health and suffer from poor oral hygiene. One of the significant dental issues that happens a lot is when a tooth breaks. You may think that a tooth can break due to sudden accidents and injuries, and this problem is not related to poor oral hygiene. But you are wrong. Having an accident is one of the reasons for a broken tooth. There are also some determining factors related to your oral hygiene.

Poor Oral Hygiene and a Broken Tooth 

What to Do with a Broken Tooth

When you do not care about your dental conditions, your gums are prone to disease. Gum disease may be a minor problem at the early stages, but it can progress with the passage of time. If you notice that there is a problem with your gum and run to an emergency dentist, it can definitely be helpful to prevent severe dental issues. But, if you neglect it, you can face more complicated problems such as gum recession. And finally, your enamel weakens, and your tooth can be cracked, chipped, or broken more easily.

If your tooth is broken and so painful, the most important action is to visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible. But until getting to the emergency dental clinic, there are some considerations that you should be aware of them.

First things first, calm down. In case you feel so much pain, take some painkillers to soothe the pain. Avoid drinking so hot or so cold foods and drinks since they may make your pain worse. It is good to rinse your mouth, but remember to wash it with warm water. Avoid using soap or any detergent.

Then focus on the bleeding area and stop it by applying pressure or using a wet tea bag or gauze. Try to find your tooth pieces and keep them in a milk container until getting to the emergency dentist’s office.

How Will a Broken Tooth Be Treated?

Poor Oral Hygiene and a Broken Tooth

A tooth may be broken as a minor chip. In this case, no pain will be felt. But even this tiny issue is considered an important problem in the dentistry field and should be treated. In this case, the dentists will usually smooth the sharp edge and fills it with a tooth-colored material. As a result, there will not be any injury to your tongue due to the cut caused by the chipped tooth.

If a tooth is broken severely, it needs more complicated treatment. When a tooth is broken severely, the emergency dentist fixes it with a crown and then fills it with special cement and bonded together. If your tooth is irreversibly broken, the emergency dentist may recommend removing your tooth and replaced it.

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