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Looking For A Workplace Covid Test Provider? Read This Guide

Every single day, in and around a clock, individuals who operate in the very healthcare industry render care for millions of individuals, from newly borns to the extremely ill ones. The industry of health care is amongst the largest providers of job opportunities in the US. Numerous health job is in hospice, hospitals. Others are in the nursing homes, dentists’ offices, doctors’ offices, laboratories, and outpatient clinics.

Proven And Tested Coronavirus Swab Operators

There are plenty of approved and licensed providers via the MOH, i.e., the Ministry of the Health and operate closely with the companies and public agencies to assist the safe and appropriate re-opening of an economy. 

They have got the Qualified Trainers

Their experienced nurses or RNs have conducted the swab procedure training, PPE, i.e., personal protective equipment, infection control training usage training, and the mask N95 fitting for several government agencies. 

You will be provided with the End-to-End Support

Right from pre-event planning and preparation, to liaising with authorities, to real execution, the team has got the expertise to go on and make the plans the reality. 

A thorough Testing Solution

Their team goes on to work with the certified labs and the partners to conduct the ART, i.e., antigen rapid tests, the PCR, i.e., polymerase chain reaction tests, and the serology tests (antibody).

The ART, i.e., Antigen Rapid Test self-test kit is made available and accessible over the counter for worried people, they can have CORONAVIRUS and wish to put the mind at ease and relax.

They provide on-the-site pre-event or workplace ART for the mentioned below:

  1. It will cost about 28$/pax.
  2. Min of 100pax.
  3. If anything less than about 100pax, the surcharge of 88$ per venue will come into play.
  4. It is set up at an arranged on-site, pre-event venue, or workplace covid test 2 hrs before an event.
  5. The medical team will be issuing an ART medical slip to every guest.
  6. When someone’s test happens to come out positive after the ART, she/he will need to undergo the PCR test. However, that will be an altogether separate cost from the already paid ART test.

The On-site pre-event requirements ART test

  1. The pre-registration guests list should be submitted to them 5 days in advance of the actual date when the event is to take place.
  2. The booking should be done 14 weeks before the very date of the event, for preparation, recce, coordination, and signing off an agreement.
  3. The deposit will be needed that will be non-refundable based on the entire amount. About 50 percent of the entire bill should be paid.
  4. Once the event comes to an end, full payment is to be made.
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