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Muay Thai gloves

Short Muay Thai- One Of The Important Accessories Of Muay Thai To Have

Sports must have been an integral part of your life. Doesn’t matter whether you became a professional or not but must have enjoyed the association with sports either in school or in college or in both while for professionals it is their heartbeat, they cannot live without it. MuayThai better known as Thai kickboxing is a form of martial arts, kickboxing to be precise which checks your physical strength and includes the kicks, the punches, and the defensive techniques. Like any other sports, it too has its own gears like the short muay thai.


It can be considered as the refined form of kickboxing. Like other combat sports, here also you have the freedom to fire kicks or punches on the opponent. In comparison to other combat games,Muay Thaiallows you to kick or punch even below the waist. You can use eight of your body parts to inflict pain on the opponent which are: elbows, shins, fists, and knees, hence, rightly named as the art of eight limbs.

MuayThai gear list

Sports gears not only protect you from severe injuries but also make you feel confident about your skills and sport. Here is the list of the equipment required in Muay Thai:

  • short muaythai
  • Gloves for trainees
  • Hand wraps for professionals
  • Shin-guard
  • Groin-guard
  • Head-gear for trainees
  • Mouth-guard

Short Muay Thai

Techniques involved in Muay Thai

Techniques or the skill set is very important to learn in any kind of sport and so in Muay Thaiin which movement of the entire body is utilized in one or the other with hip movement being common one while inflicting the punch, elbow, kick or block. Following is the list of the techniques involved in this combat sport:

  • Punching- circular strike punches with locked arms
  • Elbow- most versatile technique: horizontal, uppercut, flying, diagonally upwards and downwards, and backward spinning
  • Kicking- foot jab and roundhouse kick etc. The short muaythai has wider leg openings in comparison to the normal shorts for allowing you to perform a range of kicks
  • Knee- the player can jump forward or upward and strike with the knee but can also hit while standing
  • Foot thrust- a defensive technique for blocking the attacks
  • Neck wrestling and clinch- elbow andknee techniques are used

Apart from being played as a serious sport, it has great health benefits and is the best substitute for the gym. Just shop the right gear either online or from stores and get started with your training.

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