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Turn your parenting memories into best keepsake ideas

Turn your parenting memories into best keepsake ideas

‘I never understood the difficulty of parenting till I became a parent myself’. It’s the most common phrase you hear from the new parents or parents-to-be. From the moment your strip shows double pink lines and forever, everything regarding parenting turns into memories. Here are some best keepsake ideas that can capture all your parenting memories. Save the special moments ofjoy and happiness and present them to your child once they are old enough to understand and appreciate.

Record your Child’s heartbeat

Thanks to the innovative fetal heart monitor which allows parents to list to the sound of your baby’s heartbeat, kicking movements inside the womb. It’s safe and with the advanced technology, you can even record the sound that you hear on the computer. Years later when your child grows up, both of you can listen to the sounds.

Picture of positive pregnancy test

If you have been trying for a baby for many months or years, a positive pregnancy test is one of the best moments in your life. You can take a picture of it and add it to your baby keepsake.  Don’t you want your son or daughter to look at it when they are older?

Pregnancy video

Document every stage of your pregnancy from the first month till the time of delivery. Capture how the tiny little peanut evolved as a baby. You can watch the pregnancy video together with your grownup kid. It will be an exciting moment and your son or daughter will watch it over and over again!

inkless baby footprint kit

Convert the dresses into a baby keepsake

Guests arrive at the hospital and at home. They bring in a lot of baby food, dresses, toys and more. Keep the cute little dress. You can even make a blanket with the dresses and show it to your child ones they grow up.

Capture the little hands and footprints

A perfect keepsake gift is to capture and print the little hands and feet. You can buy an inkless baby footprint kit that allows you to capture the little hands and toes on special papers. You can customize it with a handwritten message and add it to the photobook or journal.

Photos – Every month and every stage

Photos can bring back a lot of memories. Captures best moments like first teeth, first food, and many other cute moments. You can also collect photos every month and add it to the photobook.

Write letters to your baby

If you are looking for the best keepsake ideas that are more emotional, you could write letters to your babies. Start writing letters to your baby when you are pregnant, after birth and after every little achievement. You can show these letters to your child when they grow up old enough to understand the emotional connect.

Pregnancy, childbirth and parenting is a welcoming phase of everyone’s life. Cherish the moments and let your little ones how much they mean to you!

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