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Injection Steroids uses and knowledge

Injection Steroids uses and knowledge

Steroid injections are used mainly for the treatment of various problems such as tendonitis, arthritis and trigger fingers etc. The chemical compound present in these steroids is known as cortisone, which gives a numbing sensation, which reduces the feeling of pain. Cortisone is a naturally occurring steroid which has non-inflammatory capabilities.

These steroids are completely different from anabolic steroids which are used by body-builders to gain muscle mass and increase their efficiency. The injection takes a few days to produce its effect and provides relief up to several weeks. However, the result provided by these steroids can vary from patient to patient. However, you may need several doses of steroid injections for your problem to fade away.

Steroids are mainly used by doctors to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of a certain condition. The use of steroids is beneficial in less severe conditions. It is less risky and invasive than surgery and therefore it should be considered. It is used to treat inflammatory bowel conditions.

There are various methods by which injections steroid are given like for example:  directly into the joint, into the bloodstream, in the spine also known as epidural injection and into the muscle.

Injection Steroids uses and knowledge

Conditions in which steroid injections can be used

  • Inform your doctor if you have taken any steroid injection in the last few weeks, because there should be a gap of at least six weeks before taking new steroid injection. You should also inform your doctor about any allergic condition you have faced in the past after taking any particular steroid.
  • You should also inform your doctor if you have any infection, or if you are pregnant, breastfeeding etc. Any other condition like epilepsy, diabetes, high blood pressure or if you have any problem related to liver, kidney or heart. Or if you are taking any other specialized medication.

There are mainly two types of steroids namely; soluble, short act steroids which provide instant relief and their effect stays for weeks. Next is less soluble, long act steroids which usually take a week to reach it’s desired effect in the body but stays in the body system for a couple of months as it takes time to dissolve in the body system. It is recommended that you should rest for a couple of days after taking injection steroids and should avoid doing any laborious work in order to get full benefit of your medication.


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