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OSTEOPATHY for Optimum Health

Have you ever had a massage session? If you are feeling overworked and stressed after a busy week, it’s time to book a massage to relieve the stress in your body. But didn’t you know that massaging your bones, joints, and muscles can actually treat medical disorders? Yes. You read it correctly. There is an alternative medicine that emphasizes on massaging certain parts of the body for the treatment of certain illness. This is called Osteopathy.

Osteopaths are health practitioners or manual therapists who have trained for five years at a university level. They have enough experience to examine, treat, diagnose, manage and prevent musculoskeletal disorders using physical treatment. Let us delve deeper into what Osteopathy is all about, and to what extent an osteopath can heal you.

St Kilda Osteopathy

In the medical community, Osteopaths are medical practitioners who are registered under the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency. This makes St Kilda Osteopathy professionals be recognized by private insurance companies and Medicare once they are referred by a GP. Osteopathy is still going through research procedures which give osteopaths the ability to maintain their professional standards and practices. The yearly professional development practice is a must to all doctors. They make sure that they are up to date with the most recent research result to provide the best treatment and give useful advice to patients.

The Treatment Process.

Osteopaths are aiming for a holistic approach to make a positive change not only in the affected area but your whole body. This will help the patient’s body trigger the self-healing capability that each person possesses to let the body heal itself. Osteopaths focus the treatment on the whole body. They make each patient understand that how the body is structured has a great influence on its function. When one part of the body is not functioning properly, all other parts are affected.

The treatment of the symptoms and its causes is the ultimate goal of each osteopath. By strengthening your weak muscles or loosening those tight muscles and joints, your body’s ability to function will be improved. St Kilda Osteopathy wants you to return to your normal activities like swimming or running with minimal to no pain. Osteopaths will use different techniques depending on what your body needs. Each person is treated differently but still using the same principles for the improvement of health and function.

  • Osteopathic Principles. There are three principles that osteopaths follow during the treatment process. First is the structure of the body is related to its function, and vice versa. Second, the body acts and works as one unit, and lastly, the body has the natural capability of self-healing and regulating.

St Kilda Osteopathy and their medical practitioners are working with sports physicians, GPs, dentists, massage therapists, and so much more. They are also offering ultrasound, X-Rays, CT Scans and MRIs. At St Kilda Osteopathy, you will surely reap the benefits of osteopathy at its best by helping your body return to optimal health and function. You are assured that whatever problems you have with your health, you will surely be treated at St Kilda Osteopathy.

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