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The use of pregnancy apps and their benefits

Pregnancy is one of the exciting times in the life of a woman and you need to cash in on each and every moment of it. It is like any other field where the discovery of apps has lent an element of creativity and the best part is that most of them are designed taking the needs of pregnant women into account. It is a known fact that moving around and finding out what the world is doing is not that much possible during pregnancy. Contraction schedule, planning when the baby is overdue, and how to take care of you are some of the important traits of these apps. Let us now go through some of the popular apps which you can rely on during the times of pregnancy.

A pregnancy calendar

With the help of this app you can keep a track of each and every minute of pregnancy if you intend to. You can record each information about the baby like the heartbeat of the baby, the appointments of doctors along with the ultrasound images at each and every stage. In addition to this you can find out the best pregnancy snacks at this juncture with the help of this app.

Baby hump Pregnancy

One of the popular apps during the times of pregnancy that provides concise information from photo albums or multiple forums. Variations in the body weight are being tracked along with the kicks of the baby coupled with the heart beats as well. It also provides you an opportunity to undertake online shopping in the stores and you can get in touch with other pregnant women in the same forums. This type of app is being available in both the IOS and Android platforms.

The names of babies

This is a funny app on both the Android and the IOS platforms. With the help of this app you can go on to sear the names of babies. From this app you can come across the database of close to 30,000 names of babies, and which would state their exact meanings, pronouncations and the exact spelling of each and every name.

Contraction timer

Online contraction timer is another popular pregnancy app that is pretty popular. It would help you to time the contractions along with their exact duration. It is different from other apps where you would not need to keep an eye on the clock at all times. The duration or frequency of pregnancy could be checked with the help of a doctor or your partner in this app. This app is available on Android only.

In addition to this there are numerous other apps that have been designed for pregnant women, which help you to keep a track and record those special moments in your life. You can share photos or videos and find out answers to those special questions which might spring up in your mind during the stage of pregnancy. So ensure that you make use of these apps and have an enjoyable pregnancy.

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