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Habits That Can Help Improve Your Pelvic Floor

Habits That Can Help Improve Your Pelvic Floor

A common misconception some people have with their bodies is that they believe that some parts are more important than others. This, however, is not true as each and every part of our body are working hand in hand together in helping us accomplish our day to day activities. The pelvic floor for instance, is in charge of a variety of functions helping support the pelvic organs which include the bladder, bowel and uterus in women. Let us explore some of the habits that can help improve your pelvic health.

Regular Exercise and Meditation

It should be noted that our bodies will be able to perform at their best if we are taking the necessary measures in caring for them. Exercise will play a very important role in helping keep our bodies in good shape and condition. People today will not be finding any shortage of exercise activities that will be able to target the different parts of our body. If your focus is with your pelvic floor, then you may want to consider Kegel exercises.

You can give your pelvic floor a good workout with this activity by repeatedly relaxing and contracting the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor. Aside from physical activities, you can also help loosen an overly tight pelvic muscles through meditation and guided relaxation. This in turn makes it a good idea to integrate these activities to your day to day routine.

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Spend Less Time in the Bathroom

Bathroom breaks can also have a negative impact with your pelvic health. The sitting position when toileting can be unhealthy especially if you spend a fair amount of time on it. This is a common issue for people who have bowel problems making it important to avoid constipation with the help of some dietary changes.

Some individuals also spend a considerable amount of time on the toilet by bringing a newspaper or their phone with them. You will want to avoid such practice as this will increase the risk of developing pelvic disorders later down the line.

Lifestyle Changes to Make

Making some lifestyle changes will also go a long way in helping improve the condition of your pelvic floor. Maintaining a healthy weight for example, is often advised as this helps reduce the excess stress that your pelvic floor will be carrying. Aside from that, you may also want to limit your consumption of coffee, alcohol and artificial sweeteners. Your pelvic floor can also get damaged by cigarette smoking making it important to avoid them as well. Visiting a pelvic floor Toronto clinic will be worth your time and investment as you will be able to receive proper diagnosis and treatment coming from a professional.

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