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Top benefits of yoga for pregnant women

If you are pregnant, you will have already realized that this stage is a real challenge for the body. Every day you notice that something in you is changing: your breasts and your belly get bigger, you are sleepy at all times, you are more sensitive … And everything for the baby to grow. Don’t you think it’s absolutely fascinating? Nature has everything planned! Click here for yoga classes hong kong.

However, on many occasions the rhythm of daily life, beliefs and social customs can make it difficult for this wisdom of the body to express itself and cause difficulties, but there are different options that will help you recover your well-being. Yoga is one of them, and how does it do it? We explain it to you below. Visit this site for barre.

Harmonize body, mind and spirit by opening a space of connection with the internal state of your being and the needs you have in each moment. This is very important at a time as special as the one you are living, because it generates mental calm, which allows you to feel clearly what is happening inside and what you need to relocate outside so that everything flows in harmony.

It keeps you agile, strong and flexible

Thanks to the conscious movement through the asanas (postures), together with breathing and relaxation, the tensions that can be accumulated by the relocation that your body is making (from the spine, the pelvis …) and well-being is restored in those areas of the body. Think that the tissue injury, and therefore the pain you feel, is the result of the blockages in the energy field that generate the negative emotions recorded in your being.

Rebalance your autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for regulating all those vital functions that do not depend on your will (heartbeat, breathing, digestion, blood circulation, sleep, hormone segregation …) and to a large extent gestation, childbirth and parenting. As yoga acts directly on this system, in the classes we have observed that pregnant women report having fewer negative symptoms associated with pregnancy, because we rebalance the entire hormonal and metabolic system internally.

yoga studio hong kong

Helps the baby grow

When you do not adapt properly to the changes that occur during pregnancy, physical and mental stress may occur. And how does this affect pregnancy? As you know, stress generates cortisol, but what is probably not so well known is that this hormone is a growth inhibitor of the baby. Relaxation is the technique par excellence to help keep the levels of these harmful hormones low for the development of a good pregnancy, which is why by practicing yoga you are encouraging your child to grow up without any difficulty.

It allows you to feel

In everyday life the most common thing is to do instead of feeling, and emotions play a fundamental role in life; Recognizing, feeling and liberating them gives us inner peace. When you are pregnant you will have realized that you are more sensitive, that you perceive with greater intensity how you feel and what you need at all times. Getting used to being in touch with your emotions is very interesting for your life, but it is even more important to have tools that help you manage them. The breath proposed by yoga is a great ally.

It teaches you to trust you

Yoga guides your steps inwardly so that you remember the knowledge that is already in you and recover your power. Being a mother makes you have to make many decisions, but, calmly, you have the intuition and inner wisdom to guide you.

By practicing yoga, you also learn to live in the present, to accept yourself as you are, to trust yourself and others, connect you with the joy of living and awaken the love in your heart.

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