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Cancer Genetic Test Hong Kong

Mark Yourself Safe With Cancer Genetic Test Hong Kong

Cancer is no longer a disease that comes with death written all over it. If detected early, the chances of survival are very high. Now we have the technology and tools to detect the type of cancer or the potential type of cancer that might affect you in future. There are many factors that might lead to the development of a cancer cell. If you are someone who has inherited genetic mutation that has an association with cancer, then you are at increased risk. You have relatively more chances to develop cancer in your lifetime. That’s why early detection is the key, and with cancer genetic test hong kong you can get a comprehensive screening.

How early screening can be life-saving?

Genetic factors can have a huge role in the transmission of the disease from one generation to another. If you are someone who has a family history of cancer, you have all the reasons to be cautious. Early screening can give you a clear picture. Not only where you stand at the moment but also the potential risk. A cancer DNA test can give insight into all the present and potential risks. There is also a possibility that you are not genetically susceptible. But if you are, you will know what type of cancers you are susceptible to. When you have clarity, you can plan the future course of action.

Cancer Genetic Test Hong Kong

What is CTC screening?

No matter which forms of cancer you are dealing with, if you can catch it. Your chances of survival increase manifold. The circulating tumor cells screening technology is an effective way to catch that veil virus at the earliest. Early detection allows you extra time to preventive measures. You can keep it from forming any new metastatic tumor. Circulatory tumor cells screening very effective to tool detect the virus. It is a path-breaking technology. It’s available in very limited screening centres in the world, the HKCMGC is one of them.

What makes CTC a must-take test?

It is an established fact that the most effective way to fight this menace is to get it detected as early as possible. The Circulatory tumor cells screening helps you to detect that veil cell. And its role is not just limited to detection. Constant CTCs can help you track the progress of your treatment. Also, those who have already been diagnosed with some form of tumour, they can put it under surveillance. CTC can play a very instrumental role in tracking the progress of the treatment, you get a clear picture of how your body is reacting to the treatment you are getting.  You know if the tumor is relapsing or reoccurring, with early detection you have that buffer time to take call on the treatment you are getting.

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