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Paddison Program Can Help You

Learn How The Paddison Program Can Help You

Studies and research have revealed that people suffering from RA have an overgrowth of unfriendly bacteria. As a result, the healthy bacteria levels decline, and the RA condition becomes severe. Now, you must be wondering how The Paddison Program is going to help you. Well, here you will get the answer to your question.

The harmful bacteria present inside the body can enter the bloodstream through leaky gut along with undigested food particles. Once these particles enter the blood, the body sends antibodies to fight against these particles and generates immune complexes. However, the immune complexes might get lodged in the joint that further triggers inflammation. Poor dietary habits also lower pH levels and promote inflammation. So, the question arises that if you want to continue these poor habits or you want to get better.

Paddison Program Can Help You

Usually, RA will have the following impact on you:

  • You will keep on trying drugs after drugs in the hope of a cure, and the pain from RA won’t go away. Moreover, you don’t know what will be the side effects of those dangerous drugs on your body and condition.
  • Most of the doctors say that diet has no impact on RA, and most of the patients don’t get better. So, you don’t even think of trying to make positive lifestyle changes.
  • Without any help, you will avoid exercising, which will further result in loss of strength, confidence, and joint integrity.
  • You will start being skeptical about the people who are recovering and think that healing is not possible.
  • Gradually, you will adopt a victim mentality and start trying supplements in the hope that one or the other treatment would be the answer to getting rid of the pain.

Doing this, you will only get worse. But there is an alternative available for you. Try The Paddison Program instead of sitting and worrying about your condition. With the program, you will experience the following changes:

  • You will be able to restore your gut health with a balanced diet while minimizing drug use.
  • Even your doctor will be amazed to see that the blood inflammation is getting lower, and you have less pain and swelling along with more mobility.
  • You can practice cardiovascular and joint-specific exercises that can help you to improve the quality of life.
  • Learn more and more every day about your condition and how to cope with the symptoms. When you become smarter, you tend to make a better decision about the necessary treatments.

So, become your health puppeteer and inspire others to do the same. The Paddison Program is designed in a specific way to help RA patients. Try out and find the difference.

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