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Invisalign in downtown Vancouver

Do You Know Enough About Invisalign Treatment?

Having a great smile with beautiful teeth is a feature that everybody cares about nowadays. In other words, everyone, men or women, strives to look glorious and make an impression when meeting others. The problem is that not all of us have such a Hollywood smile. Some dental defects act as a barrier to our beautiful smiles. One of the most dental defects people care to remove is having misaligned, crooked teeth. Those who do not have straight teeth do not usually feel confident enough to smile. Of course, thanks to dentistry improvements, there are some cosmetic dental treatments applied to treat various dental defects. Among these treatments, orthodontics is a common and widely-used method to straighten your crooked teeth and gift you a sparkling smile. This is a fairly old method used for various patients of different ages. But there is also another advanced method similar to the orthodontic treatment with some differences that is more popular, called Invisalign treatment. According to an experienced dentist performing Invisalign in downtown Vancouver, “Invisalign is an innovative cosmetic dental service that allows numerous patients to achieve a perfect smile without the drawbacks of traditional braces.” Do you have any idea about this cosmetic dental method? We will explain more about Invisalign treatment in this article. Keep reading.

What Is an Invisalign Treatment?

As mentioned earlier, the method is another kind of orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth. But there is an important advantage compared to orthodontics. In this cosmetic dental treatment, no metal braces are used. In other words, Invisalign is a collection of custom clear braces that covers your teeth and gently pulls them into place over time. Because they are transparent and can be removed, they are less noticeable than traditional metal braces. With this cosmetic dental process, your teeth can be comfortably, accurately, and beautifully aligned in half the time they need with traditional braces. Besides, you can confidently smile during the treatment and while having Invisalign on your teeth; no one notices these braces in your mouth.

The treatment is suitable for all genders and all ages. There is no difference if you are an adult or a teenager; if you are a man or a woman. Anyone can go for having this method and ensure having the desired smile they wanted.

Do You Know Enough About Invisalign Treatment

How Should Long Invisalign Treatment Stay On Teeth?

Many orthodontists and cosmetic dentists explain that this cosmetic dental procedure usually takes between 6 – and 12 monthsOf course, it should be noted that depending on your case and the severity of your dental defects, the time maybe more. In other words, every patient will have their own tooth alignment issues.

Is the Process Painful? 

The short answer is no. of course, it is undeniable that you may feel pain in your teeth in the first days of getting the treatment. Do not forget that the method applies pressure on your teeth to straighten them. As a result, it is normal to feel a little pain in your teeth, especially in the first few days. You may also feel uncomfortable while eating, drinking, and talking. After a while, you will get used to it and feel at ease.

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