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Tips To Get Weed Out Of Your Body With THC Detox

Smoking pot can be really enjoyable experience and only the people who regularly smoke weed would know what it is to be high on the smoke of marijuana. Smoking marijuana detox  has several health benefits, yielding beneficial results for the body and skin. This is the reason why marijuana has been legalized in several countries. Apart from providing relaxation and helping people get over emotional and psychological stress and tensions, marijuana also relieves you from physical pain by providing relief from glaucoma and joint pains.

However, there are many countries where the drug is banned and is considered as a taboo. The authorities take care of the fact that people do not buy or consume weed and other drug legally or illegally in any way. The authorities fail to understand that smoking marijuana is a personal choice and has nothing to do with legalization of the drug. These are the same countries where people always think of ways to escape authorities from detecting alcohol.

Escaping from a drug test

The countries where marijuana is not legally valid have certain rules and regulations to be complied with and the authorities are quite strict when it comes to implementation of the rules. Especially if you are in an influential position, the pressure to follow these rules increases. So what should you do if you wish to smoke pot and at the same time not get detected by authorities during a THC DETOX test? The problem with cannabis is that they have a tendency to remain in the system for a longer period of time.

Therefore, it becomes important to take care of several factors while trying to escape a marijuana detox  test. The chemicals present in weed enter your urine, blood and hair. Most of the employers mainly make use of four types of tests which mainly include urine test, hair test, blood test and oral fluid tests. These are commonly used tests that detect the quantity of marijuana in the body of the individuals. The cannabis can remain in the urine for about thirty days if you are in the habit of inhaling second hand smoke. When it comes to hair, the pot stays in their video for about 90 days which makes it quite difficult to escape from a drug test. Blood test is the most common form of drug detection test and cannabis stay in the blood for about two weeks.

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