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The Lost Book Of Remedies - Why This Book Should Be On Every Families Bookshelf

The Lost Book Of Remedies – Why This Book Should Be On Every Families Bookshelf

There are books on medicinal herbs and then there is the lost book of remedies. By far the most comprehensive list of common and not so common herbs found in and around your backyard. Authored by oneĀ  Claude Davis, this book has been dubbed as a necessity much like a fire extinguisher in any house. The book is exactly what it says, it is a book of natural medicines, cures, and remedies that have been used since ancient times. The lost book of remedies is a revolutionary book that aims to reconnect the reader to the healing power of nature in their very own backyard. What used to be weeds in the eyes of many prior to the book are now powerful and safe natural remedies. The book is touted to be from the author’s grandfathers knowledge as it was passed on to him and his family.

Why “Lost”?

Ever since medicine and the resulting billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies took over the medical history, man has lost touch with those natural ways to detox and heal our bodies. It is so much easier to go to a doctor and have him prescribe “cures” that may or may not work. Nature has provided us with the means to combat almost any medical condition known to man and we just have to be good enough to identify which plants or material from nature are to use. According to Lost book of remedies review, this book will return to us the lost ways of identifying, harvesting and preparing natural remedies for our illnesses and conditions. With the pharmaceutical industry’s focus on profit, the book is an amazing alternative for the prevention of many minor conditions that beset us.

Lost book of remedies review

The Ultimate In Natural Remedies

There is no witchcraft in the lost book of remedies. The book is all about using natural plants from dear mother earth to prevent and heal a wide range of medical conditions, illnesses, and discomforts a family member might have. The book talks about everything from healing burns to managing diabetes. The book also provides instructions on how to gather, identify, mix and use each plant. The plants are very clearly separated into categories based on where one can find them. The list starts from Backyard weeds, wild plants in the great plains, trees, and shrubs, coastal or tropical plants, nationwide plants, household remedies and plants from the forests and woodlands. Then the book goes on to list all the list of things that the particular plant can heal in alphabetical order to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Not Just A book But A Survivalist’s Guide

The book is touted by its readers as the most comprehensive they have come across that they swear it is more of a survivalists guide than an actual book. Because of the amount of information contained in the book, it may very well be so. So long as you have a copy of the book, one can probably handle whatever ailment comes their way. If there is a plant out there that can help out with whatever you are feeling.

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