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How to Keep the Best Nurses in your Clinic?

Everyone knows that we’re living in some difficult times for the healthcare industry. The Covid-19 pandemic made a turmoil, and now everything’s different than it used to be back in 2019. Learn more about it here.

The business flow is slowed down and people are not visiting healthcare facilities as they used to. However, patients still roll in and ask for help. Hospitals still work, and there’s still a need for perfect staff.

The hospitals are not just made of excellent doctors who will save the lives of people in need. They are made of lots of different people who work in a perfect organization. Nurses are a big part of this organization. Without them, the entire system would collapse.

Having and keeping great nurses in your hospital is a tough job. Finding them is not always easy, and keeping them is even harder. In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips to make sure they stay working with you. Read on to learn more about this!

Nurses always tend to find a better job

Understand that once you hire them, they are not married to you. Every person on this planet seeks a better life and a better working environment. They will always try to find something better if there is an option for something like this.

In other words, it’s your job to provide these working conditions, but even if you can’t do this, understand that it’s normal for them to leave.

Provide a good salary

One of the crucial reasons for leaving is salary. The average nurse salary in the US is around $75,000, and there a huge gap between states. The difference goes from $59,540 in South Dakota to $113,240 in California. This is a huge difference, you’d agree. See more on the link:

With this in mind, it’s always great to provide a great salary to your nurses if you want to make sure they are loyal to you. If you go with the average, there will always be a chance for them to leave. Offer a little more than the average, and your employees will be much happier with their work position.

Make the working environment decent

Some working conditions diminish every paycheck. It doesn’t matter how much you pay them if you treat them without respect. Some of the things that are not allowed at the job are yelling, cursing, calling names, and similar. All this is considered bullying.

What you need to do in this situation is to make them feel respected and valuable. Talk to each one of them and see what are they bothered with. Try to always make a better working environment and this will make them feel better and more satisfied with the job. With a good salary on top, be sure that no one will leave you.

Don’t make them do jobs that are not their obligation

When you hire a nurse, you’re hiring someone who had to spend days in the past studying healthcare. Making them work something else is an insult to their education. If you need someone to make coffee for you or manage other things like paperwork that’s more in the field of accounting, then hire someone else to do it.

If you make them do something else, no matter how simple it looks to you, then you’re insulting their intelligence. They will feel disrespected and wait for the first opportunity to leave the job and go someplace else.

Try a staffing agency

If you’re reading this article, chances are big you’re in a desperate search for good nurses. Some of them already probably left your clinic, and now you need someone good. Lots of clinics use a nurse staffing agency to find perfect candidates.

If you’re in a need of finding good nurses, then you can use the same system. These agencies use their methods for finding and offering great professionals. They both look for already employed and nurses coming straight out of the university.


As you can see, keeping a good nurse is not hard. You just need to know how to do it. If you’re looking for new ones, the process is also not as hard as it may seem. Use the proper agency, treat your employees right, and see your hospital thrive.

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