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Delta-8 flower

Finding A Good Delta-8 flower

Finding an excellent delta-8 flower is no easy feat. It requires a fantastic eye for what is and isn’t the real thing and the knowledge of which plants are safe to pick. We hope that you can make the safest possible decisions on where to find your next batch of flowers with these tips.

Delta-8 is a substance that’s in the same class as THC. The difference, however, is that delta-8 has a place in the brain where THC cannot function in. This means that it can be used for pain management and depression, and stress. Because of this unique ability to be used medicinally, most of the places you want to search are close to medicine outlets. It should also say that asking local dispensaries if they know where you can get some good quality delta-8 is necessary. However, keep an eye out for places like health food stores and even your local pharmacy.

These places often carry products that can be useful when looking for delta-8, and it’s even more beneficial if you can find a place that sells live plants. When you’re in a big city, chances are the first place you think of is going to be your local head shop. This isn’t necessarily the best place to look, however. While most head shops do have a bit of cannabis culture in them, they tend to cater to the hippy side of things and have limited knowledge of where to find the real thing. For example, they might offer you these “incense” sticks with flowers inside. The expensive-looking jar on their shelf probably means it contains some form of delta-8, but it’s not going to be anything that will get you high.

best delta-8 flowers

If you find yourself at a head shop, take a look around the store. If you see something unusual in one of their jars, don’t automatically assume it’s delta-8. All sorts of strange plants and things can be put in jars used to sell incense, and the weird “incense” sticks could easily contain other plants. But if you see something entirely out of place, keep an eye out for any other unusual sales they might have. These people know a ton about hippy culture and usually carry things outside the mainstream that you might not be able to find at a regular store.

Now we’re going to assume you’ve done all your research, and you still can’t seem to find any delta-8. You must now decide if it’s finally time to go “illegal” or if it’d be worth it to just take a trip out of town for the weekend. As we discussed before, there’s nothing wrong with doing something like this every once in a while as long as you do it responsibly.


There’s a reason why most people only take delta-8 in small amounts. Most of the time, it’s a journey that’s not worth going on (costly, hard to find, and filled with unnecessary risk). But there are times when an experience like this is downright necessary. The worst thing that can happen is if you end up with delta-8, you don’t find what you’re looking for and waste money on nothing. Go for it if you can find a good source that won’t cost your arm and leg. At least you’ll know exactly what type of flower to look for next time around.

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