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Factors that have contributed to the popularity of whey protein isolate

On visiting a departmental store or a supermarket, you will see shelves stacked with packs and bottles of protein supplements. The demands of protein supplements have increased in the past few years as athletes and bodybuilders and even common people have become more concerned about their bodies, their training schedule and their exercise regimen. With the right kinds of protein supplements, they are able to gain energy, build muscles and lose weight at the same time. Infact these supplements also help in repairing the old and worn out tissues and muscles in the body.

What is whey protein isolate?

Whey is a popular kind of protein supplement and comes in two common varieties – whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. There are 9 essential amino acids, which are found in whey protein and hence they are considered as gym-classified.

Proteins are actually classified depending on their content, digestionand taste. In whey protein isolate, there is 90% pure protein. The whey is processed in a manner so that lactose and all kinds of fats are removed from the same. Therefore this protein supplement provides the body with high pure protein but is easy on digestion due to the absence of fats and lactose. The protein density in whey protein isolate is way higher than that of whey protein concentrate.

Factors which have contributed to the popularity of whey protein isolate

When bodybuilders and athletes were question about whey protein isolate, all of them opined highly regarding the protein supplement. There are some very strong factors, which play a crucial role in making this protein supplement so very popular:

  • Easily digestible

Since whey protein isolate contains 90% pure protein, many people think that digesting the same might not be an easy thing to do. But interestingly, due to the lack of fats and lactose in the supplement, it is easily digestible. And easy digestion means that the protein is absorbed and processed in the body well and quickly.

  • Extremely easy to make and tasty to drink

Private label whey protein isolate or general whey protein isolate comes in the form of fine powder which has to be mixed with water or milk and can be drunk. Usually these drinks come in different flavors and you can choose the one you like. It is rich and creamy and tastes yummy. There are no hassles in making the drink too.

  • Helps in building lean muscle mass along with helping in losing weight successfully

With whey protein isolate, the body gets its required dose of protein and hence the process of building muscles and tissues is taken care of well. Athletes and bodybuilders can build lean muscle mass well with intake of such supplements. Again, this supplement plays a pivotal role in boosting the metabolism in a body thus burning excess fat and calories. This whole process helps in reducing weight in the body. Therefore at the same time of lean muscle mass building, the body is able to lose weight effectively.

  • Helps in keeping blood pressure and cholesterol in controlled limits

Innumerable people suffer from high blood pressure levels and high bad cholesterol levels. Consuming whey protein isolate in the form of shakes can help in keeping blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body under control. The protein supplement needs to be taken twice a day and amazing results can be seen within 12 weeks.

  • Helps in combating depression and stress

Depression, anxiety and stress are killers in today’s lives. People in all age groups suffer from this problem. There are some specific amino acids found in whey protein isolate, which help in reducing the symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. These amino acids enhance the production of serotonin in the body, which helps in keeping one happy.

Due to ever increasing demands, there are many whey protein isolate manufacturers who offer top quality food supplements to customers. Sita Impex has carved a niche for itself in the health supplement industry as a private label manufacturer of some of the best supplements.

Author bio: Dorothy Jones is an experienced content writer and has been associated with health industry for many years. She is also associated with some renowned health blogs as a guest author and provides valuable tips on health, fitness, supplements, skin care etc through her researched articles.

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