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It is important to take eye exam if you have diabetes

 Those of you who have diabetes don’t just monitor sugar consumption or sugar levels in the body.  Vision problems should also be an important concern.  One way is to do an eye exam. The importance of eye exams for people with diabetes is often not well understood.  Vision problems are often present as a complication of diabetes.  For that, it would not hurt you with diabetes to do an eye care consultation singapore.

 Symptoms experienced by people with diabetes

Patients with diabetes mellitus may experience classic symptoms.  For example, frequent hunger (polyphagia), thirst (polydipsia), frequent urination (polyuria), and unexplained weight loss.  However, not everyone experiences this.

 They may just experience weakness, tingling, itching, visual disturbances, and erectile dysfunction.  In addition to symptoms, you can be said to be diabetic if the results of the examination of blood sugar levels are above normal and are not controlled.  Here’s a blood test that you can do.

 Fasting blood sugar (≥ 126 mg/dl).

 Oral Glucose Tolerance Test or OGTT (≥ 200 mg/dl).

 Current blood sugar (≥ 200 mg/dl).

 HbA1c (≥ 6.5%).

 Generally, people with diabetes will be given education about a healthy lifestyle as the main method for controlling blood sugar levels.  If that doesn’t work, take antidiabetic drugs that will help lower blood sugar levels.

 This has to go through the consideration of an internal medicine specialist who handles it.  Therefore, it is not recommended to treat uncontrolled blood sugar levels without consulting a doctor first. When not treated properly, uncontrolled blood sugar levels can lead to various health complications.  Of course, this will harm your body.

 Complications of uncontrolled blood sugar levels

 Having blood sugar levels that are too high can cause various complications, both in large blood vessels and small blood vessels.  Complications of diabetes can also affect the heart, eyes, brain, kidneys, nervous system, and various other organs.

 One of the most common is eye complications.  Uncontrolled blood sugar levels over a long period can cause damage to the blood vessels at the back of the eye.

 This can lead to leakage of the blood vessel walls.  That’s what then causes swelling of the retina or optic nerve.  In addition, damage to blood vessels can also trigger the growth of new blood vessels that are not normal.

 This condition can increase the pressure on the eyeball and the optic nerve.  That is why eye examinations for people with diabetes are very important.  One of the complications that often occurs is a diabetic eye disease.

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