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The importance of nutrition

The importance of nutrition

Another factor that, unfortunately, is still little taken into consideration is nutrition.

It must be considered, hair is nurtured by the blood, in promotion to oxygen, sends the nutrients that we absorb through the food that we consume. For this purpose, a nourishing deformity can direct, as a main outcome, to a tremendous fragility of the strand Check out Two Herbs for the best dandruff treatment in Singapore.       

Occasionally the absence of mineral salts and vitamins do not bank on a poor food, but on an intolerance to some foods that we introduce daily and which have the characteristic of inflaming the intestine , reducing the latter’s ability to properly assimilate the nutrients.

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All this means that, despite eating well, we continue to have deficiencies in vitamins, iron, magnesium. etc.. In particular, one of the vastly used popular diets to which we are all additionally or very less hasty of animal milk .

The daily consumption of milk and its derivatives (therefore also cheeses, mozzarella, yogurt creamy deserts) and due to the existence of sugar, an unsolvable protein for human, can direct to intestinal rash, anemia and major nutritional deficiencies .

It is also necessary to contemplate the hormonal element existing in milk. The animal’s hormones can dispute with hormones, building a hormonal imbalance , which in turn can be among the possible causes of hair loss, but also of other diseases.

The experiments for intolerances remove the moment they discover, what I highly propose you to do is to try to do without milk and derivatives for a certain period , to understand if the situation improves or not. Sometimes it is incredible what benefits can be obtained by simply eliminating a certain food that is harmful to us from the diet.


Herbal tea and horsetail extracts (for internal use) are contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation, furthermore it is not recommended to use them in case of administration of diuretic drugs and those who have ascertained hypersensitivity to one or more active ingredients present in the plant.

Having a healthy and clean skin is the first step for light and shiny hair: in fact, the micro particles that are deposited on the scalp, such as the residues of conditioners and styling products, the fine powders deriving from atmospheric pollution, the cells death and sebum, obstruct the hair bulbs and follicles , making the hair dull, heavy and dull.

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