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Lumpectomy Specialist in Los Angeles – Why Do More Cancer Patients Opt for Lumpectomy Instead of Mastectomy

Many women in Los Angeles may come to know all of a sudden that they are suffering from breast cancer. Prominent medical experts say they should not lose hope after the initial shock. These patients can cure themselves of the condition if the cancer is detected early. For this, they need to consult a qualified cancer specialist. Only this professional can suggest to them the available treatments. They can either settle for mastectomy and then undergo a breast reconstruction surgery at a later stage. On the other hand, they can take a minimum invasive lumpectomy operation with radiation.

Lumpectomy specialist in Los Angeles – Is this treatment a better option to mastectomy?

Women with breast cancer need to understand that lumpectomy with radiation is a suitable cure for their condition. They can expect similar results to mastectomy, especially when they suffering from the early stages of this disease. Before conducting this operation, the cancer specialist examining them has to determine the exact location of their tumor in their breasts. For this, this expert performs a number of clinical tests. During the procedure, the professional administers general anesthesia to their patients. This is to ensure these women do not experience any discomfort throughout the surgery. The specialist then proceeds to make small incursions in the patients’ breasts to extract the tumor and its surrounding tissues. In doing so, he/she keeps the remaining portion of their breast tissues intact. This is not possible under the mastectomy procedure.

2 Key advantages of lumpectomy with radiation over mastectomy

After performing a lumpectomy operation, a qualified lumpectomy specialist in Los Angeles insists his/her patients undergo radiation therapy. Taking such a step is not only necessary to destroy the remaining cancer cells. It also reduces the risk that these women are likely to get this disease again at a later stage. Prominent cancer experts clarify the survival rate for patients who opt for lumpectomy with radiation is just as high as mastectomy. They even point out the following two benefits of this cancer treatment below-

  1. A minimum invasive procedure

Lumpectomy is not an invasive procedure as mastectomy. In this operation, the cancer expert’s main objective is only to remove the tumor in his/her patients’ breasts. In doing so, he/she preserves the natural shape of the remaining portion of these organs.

  1. A short operation

Unlike mastectomy, lumpectomy is not a very long procedure. A qualified cancer specialist can perform the entire operation within a few hours. Patients can go home immediately after the operation on recommendation of this expert. This is a boon for women with hectic lifestyles.

Women suffering from breast cancer generally have a difficult time deciding which treatment to opt for. Many of these patients are not very keen on undergoing a mastectomy procedure. They want to preserve their natural breasts as far as possible while getting rid of the tumor. This is why they consider other alternatives on suggestions of a qualified lumpectomy specialist in Los Angeles. These patients generally opt for lumpectomy with radiation as they can keep intact the remaining portion of their breasts. Moreover, the operation is not very long, and they can go home on the same day.

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