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Health Care Like No Other

Health Care Like No Other

Hospitals and clinics instill anxiety, even fear in almost everyone. Whether for a medical emergency or an outpatient appointment, the mere thought of having to be in one causes a great deal of stress.

A person is most vulnerable when they are ill or in pain, thus, patients need to be heard and their comfort and convenience prioritized. An open line of communication between health professionals and their patients must be maintained to ease their apprehension.

A positive patient experience which basically involves seeing each patient as a unique individual is crucial as it encourages the patient to become more involved in their own health status. It strengthens the relationship between health care professionals and their patients resulting in earlier detection and diagnosis, better patient compliance and more favorable clinical outcomes.

Knowing what to look for in a good medical facility will help you make the right choices regarding your health care and understand what to expect from the one you have chosen.


  • there is an optimum number of staff on duty that are skilled, knowledgeable and experienced
  • medical records are complete, precise and kept confidential
  • contingency plans are in place
  • facilities are sanitary with the lowest possible risk of infection


  • staff have the right qualifications and expertise
  • staff have easy access to your medical records for prompt management
  • your consent is always sought before any procedure and after comprehensively educating you on them
  • well-coordinated treatment plan through the good channels of communication among all departments involved
  • facilities and services are complete and accessible

Utmost Care

  • you are treated with respect, dignity, kindness, and compassion
  • you are significantly involved in the decision making
  • your health status and treatment plan are explained in a thorough and comprehensive manner

Responsiveness to your needs

  • the hospital sees you as a unique individual with specific needs and plans your care accordingly
  • services are available at a time that suits you
  • the appointment system is convenient
  • long waiting time, delays and cancelations are avoided and should there be any, you are advised the earliest possible time
  • concerns and complaints are taken seriously and quickly amended

Good Leadership

  • safe, high quality and compassionate care is prioritized at every level
  • the staff’s and your views and feedbacks are taken into consideration

There is a Cranbourne medical centre that sincerely values your time, comfort and health. From setting an appointment through your diagnostic procedures and treatment, you can be assured of a medical team that is attentive, considerate, thorough and highly professional. You will be ministered to in an environment that makes you forget you are in a medical facility at all.

There is no need to travel from one place to another for they have your every health need covered in one very convenient location.

The best medical specialists in their respective fields, diagnostic technicians and nursing staff are in the house to provide the most advanced modalities in health maintenance and treatment.

Schedule an appointment at HealthMint Medical Centre and experience caring like no other.

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