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Drug Addiction Rehab

Finer Values For The Drug Addiction Rehab Process

Pictures of sudden and unexpected improvements in depression should also be carefully observed by family members and closest people, because the decision to end one’s life may have been made and this is just a cover. That is, only the medical diagnosis of depression improvement should be considered. Using the drug addiction rehab is essential there.

What should be done after identifying the signs?

Once you have learned to identify all or some of the above signs, it is important to know what to do in such a situation.

According to WHOM, the preventive approach should occur in two ways:

1. Restricting access to common suicide methods (for example, ropes, firearms, and contact with excess medications)

2. Offering appropriate treatment for alcohol and drug addiction

3. The importance of hospitalization in cases of suicidal thoughts associated with chemical use

Regarding the second measure cited in the previous topic, remember that treating addiction makes it easier to find meaningful elements for the addict’s daily life with suicidal ideation.

Drug Addiction Rehab

Because of this, when suicidal thinking is associated with drug addiction, hospitalization becomes crucial for effective treatment.

The Right Process

In this process, it is important that the addict be in the care of medical staff as well as professionals in areas such as psychology, psychiatry, nutrition and occupational therapy. This multidisciplinary involvement will make the treatment more complete and efficient. It is essential to take this into account when choosing a rehab clinic.

1. Depending on the situation your loved one is in, this hospitalization may be voluntary, compulsory or involuntary. However, no matter how she proceeds, the most important thing is to avoid a sad tragedy.

2. It is important to remember that to have a chance of treatment success, it is essential that the family is engaged in the rehabilitation process.

3. It is crucial that taboos be broken and fears and prejudices are overcome. Judging the individual with suicidal behavior will only ratify his will to die.

Remember that, in fact, the addict does not want to hurt anyone, on the contrary, he is seeking a way out of a pain or suffering that seems intolerable and endless. No one in their right mind has suicidal thoughts; they are the result of an illness. Because of this, we must offer love and support.

9.3% of the Brazilian population suffers from anxiety, with the country being the country with the highest rate in the world. Depression is not far behind either; about 5.8% of our population has depression. But did you know that these disorders are closely linked to drug use? See the end of this article and find out how.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a common reaction in situations of doubt, fear, or expectations. When you are anxious about real problems or expectations, such as a job interview, before a test, surgery, or the birth of a child, it is completely normal, a kind of reaction in preparation for what will come. In this case, even if the person cannot overcome the “challenge”, anxiety favors adaptation to new situations.

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