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What is Fascia
Fascia is a sheet of fibrous connective tissue that envelops, separates, and holds muscles, organs and other tissues in the body together. Every fascia is connective tissue, however, it is not every connective tissue that is fascia.

Types of connective tissue

They are four in number, namely:

  • Proper connective tissue.
  • The blood.
  • The bone and,
  • Cartilage

What is FasciaThere are many eye-catching facts about connective tissues. One of them is blood being a connective tissue and muscle not being a connective tissue. However, the vital thing to know is that connective tissue comprises of non-living material which is called the extra cellular matrix or ECM inshort.

Extracellular matrix is just like ourbody’s inner ocean. Cells in our body needs space which are filled with inert fluid around them. This fluids are responsible for protecting, cushioning, and keeping the tissues and cells in our body in place. There are many substances used by ECM for repair, however their major job is to enhance smooth functioning. Every extra cellular matrix is homogeneous and has distinct characteristic which depends on the type of cell that is produced. For instance, plasma is an extra cellular matrix for the blood. Red and white blood cells are hold in place and transported around the body with the help of the plasma. Blood has 55% of plasma, but it is not regarded as anything but a very essential component to many system.

The types of Fascia

Fascia is not easily classified. Facial has a layer called superficiallater. This later is considered as a functioning layer though being made up of adipose. Combination of adipose with the deep layer of superficial fascia forms a musculature of the gluteal region an a single unit overlying the deep fascia. Removal of the superficial layer in a whole unit is possible. Fibrous network in the body will be intact even when all the adipose tissue is lost. It is not only the skin that you pinch and lift but the superficial fascia. You can’t pull out or lift the skin completely because of the slippery and filmy layer  of the tissues and the deep fascia that keeps it in place. Superficial Fascia or SF has a prominent role in our body stability and it also houses different materials such as leptin hormone.

Filmy Fascia

The layers of superficial fascia are deep, different and the same time separate. They rather move softly over another but are held together at the same place. The layers of the body created by cutting it apart is not the actual layer. It is called layers and label for an anatomy.  This filmy fascia spread across the deep fascia.

Deep Fascia

The connective tissue known as deep fascia has a distinct look. However, it is a part of connective tissue.  Every fascia compose of many collagens. Collagen is a common protein in the body used for repairing our connective tissues.


Fascia keeps muscles firmly together although other factors have a role to play. All fascia are connective tissue but not all connective tissues are fascia.

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