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How to Fight Covid 19 With a Healthy Body and Mind

Covid-19 created havoc in our lives but it has also helped us learn the value of leading a healthy life. While some of us have started going to the office, others are still working from home, but we can fight Covid 19 by sticking to a healthy lifestyle. So here are some ways you can stay healthy mentally and physically during the pandemic.

Eat right

One of the best ways to build your immunity and health is to eat a nutritious matter where you hail from or what kind of lifestyle you lead, a healthy diet can do wonders for you when it comes to being physically and mentally fit. Make sure to include lots of seasonal fruits, lentils, eggs, seasonal fruits and colourful vegetables in your daily meals. Make sure to include necessary supplements for vitamins, minerals and calcium if you have been advised to so by your doctor. Drinking lots of water, replacing sugar with honey and consuming lemon or green tea can also help you get rid of the toxins in your body while giving you a healthy glow, more energy and a stronger immune system!


If you’re like the countless seasonal fitness freaks out there who ended up gaining weight due to binge-eating while staying at home, then it’s about time you stop waiting for gyms to open and start working out at home. Be it an intense cardio session or strength training in the morning, moderately intense fitness exercises. If you live in New York personal trainers can be hired from the comfort of your home and they’ll teach you the best workout as per your needs. If you have a busy schedule, simple things like attending calls while walking, grooving to your favourite music, using stairs instead of elevators and doing household chores can also help you stay active.

Sleep well

While it may seem ironic, the pandemic has resulted in chaotic sleep cycles as people tend to stay past their bedtime due to Netflix or Instagram. This has not only disturbed their sleep cycle but also led to depression among individuals and weakened immune systems. Sleep deprivation not only drains mental abilities but also leads to a number of health problems like increased risk of heart diseases and diabetes. So make sure you sleep for 7 to 9 hours at night and you can avoid daytime naps, caffeine intake or heavy meals in the late evening and using electronic devices before bedtime to get back to your healthy sleep schedule faster.


Meditation also plays a key role in keeping stress at bay and letting your spiritual side deal with emotional issues, especially during such trying times when social interactions have hit an all-time low. Be it strengthening the immune system (by increasing the production of antibodies), regulating emotions, improving the sleep cycle, or building self-awareness which leads to better self-control when it comes to cutting down alcohol consumption, meditation proves to be effective in helping us lead a healthier life.  So make sure you wake up a little early and indulge in yoga or simply sit with your eyes closed as you declutter your mind to give a fresh start to your day.

These are 4 simple yet effective ways in which you can stay in good shape and be mentally strong to safeguard yourself from Covid-19. Thanks to social media, you can even hire an online personal trainer who can help you with your workouts to make things easier and fun! So stay healthy while the authorities do their best to put an end to this virus!

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