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Alarming Fatal Opioid Addiction

Alarming Fatal Opioid Addiction

Opioids is a type of drug. It is also called as narcotics. Opium, heroin, fentanyl, morphine, tramadol etc are some of the Opiods.

The main function of opioids is relieving pain. The drug works on reducing the number of pain signals that go to the brain. So obviously, when humans take opioids, they feel better when in pain. This makes them free from pain.  Also, opioid changes the way humans brain responds to pain.

Doctors use these drugs to relieve their patients from pain when major surgeries take place. Prescription drugs are acceptable as they will be given under registered medical practitioners guidance.

However, if a person takes Opioid for pleasure and to be from pain, it causes many effects. Taking opioids illegally or without a doctor’s advice can lead to addition. Addiction changes a person’s behaviour and result in losing self control.

Addiction to opioids result in mood swings, anxiety, drowsiness, poor decision making etc. The person may end up abandoning responsibilities. It ruins a person’s physical, mental capabilities and result in poor social life.

Overdose of opioids result in slow or no breathing, loss of consciousness and small pupils etc. If you see someone with these symptoms immediate medical help can be obtained. Overdose of the opioids lead to deaths. One of the dangerous opioids which causes many deaths recently is mexican oxy. 

Alarming Fatal Opioid Addiction

Don’t fall into the trap: 

Drug that gives pleasure temporarily makes a person attracted to it naturally. Pleasurable experience makes a person crave for it.Over a period of time, the person will lose control on himself and get addicted to drugs.  It leads to drug addiction which ruins a person’s life. Drugs changes the way our natural system responds. It alters the original nature of the body’s physiological and physiological abilities.

If a person starts taking drugs, over a period of time, their body will get used to that dose. So, you need the drug in higher dosage to sustain that effects. Unless you take high dose, you won’t get that pleasure of pain relief. This results in more and more usage of drugs.

If a person stops taking drugs, it is not possible for the body to respond to the pain naturally. This makes you to start the drug again. So, never get into that loop which can ruin valuable life.

Take help:

Drug culture spreading around the world is alarming. Medical assessments done by qualified medical personnel will confirm if you are an Opioid addicted. Do not forget to take advice from your doctor for using any kind of opioids.

Growing number of addiction centers shows that increasing awareness in the society to come out of the addiction. There are many addiction centers available for help. You can approach them who can help you come of this addiction disease.

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