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How to Care after Dental Implants?

How to Care after Dental Implants? 

Losing one or more teeth significantly impacts your face and, more importantly, your self-confidence. By dental implants, in addition to restoring the natural chewing ability, the natural face and the beauty of the smile can also be restored. The dental implant is one of the successful treatments in the field of dentistry, which, in addition to maintaining the appearance and function of the false tooth compared to other treatment methods for lost teeth, also helps to maintain bone density and prevent gum degeneration. Besides, as trusted dentist working at a dental implant centre in York, Toronto describes, this treatment can last longer than other tooth replacement treatments. By observing health and care tips, this time can be increased. In this article, we will review the care after this dental process and the points that you need to know in order to maintain health and the success of this treatment.

What Is This Treatment? 

As mentioned earlier, this is an advanced and popular tooth replacement method. No matter how many missing teeth you have, dental implants can be applied for a single or many lost teeth. This cosmetic dental process is fused in your jawbone and is fixed firmly after the healing time. If the process is done successfully, it will look and act exactly like natural teeth. Even it is so hard to distinguish an implanted tooth from a natural one.

Why is This Treatment Recommended for You?

Before examining the steps and methods of care after this dental method, it is necessary to know why this treatment was recommended to you by the dentist and what its positive features are.

  • Comfort, high resistance, practicality
  • Restore normal chewing ability
  • Looking natural compared to dental bridges or dentures
  • In case of complete hygiene, these teeth will be permanent (Long Lifetime).

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Care Steps after Dental Implants

To succeed in the treatment, following some instructions is necessary after this dental surgery. These tips and recommendations will help you pass the recovery process successfully. And you can also use these dental implants for a longer period of time. These cares include:

In the first hours after the dental implant surgery, lie down and rest, taking care to keep your head slightly elevated.

To avoid dizziness, always move slowly from one position to another; for example, if you are lying down and want to get up, first sit slowly for a few moments and then stand up slowly.

 The patient should rest and limit physical activity after the implant surgery, just like when they have a cold or flu. Avoid vigorous exercise for 48 hours after dental implant surgery.

Put an ice pack (wrapped around a cloth bag) on your face at the surgery site as soon as possible. Alternately keep the ice on your face for 10 minutes and remove it for 10 minutes. Use the ice pack for the first 24-48 hours. It will help with your comfort and minimize swelling after dental surgery. Three days after surgery, moist heat can help reduce your discomfort.

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